I remember my visit to the Invisible Exhibition, which showed in an interactive way, how does the life of visually impaired people look like. The depth of black was overshadowing everything, what is visible at the proper sense of sight.

I tried to discern where everything was, using other senses – touch, smell and hearing. With time it was getting better, because my brain processed previously obtained information and I kinda knew, at which point of the space I was a the moment. My other senses were sharpened, but only enough to not to hit my body with objects around – or at least to do it with less momentum (less painful). Our tour guide was blind. One of the visitors asked her, if she was able to recover her sight would do on it. Her refusal surprised me at first, but the explanation made me understand. She said she would have to learn everything from scratch. Now she has built a world, and despite the fact that it is not complete, it is familiar.

„We fear what we do not know”

And that’s how the exhibition made me understand why, even though we suffer, we are stuck in a toxic behavior /relationships. After all, the scheme is exactly the same: each and every one of us builds our own world, our little safe world. And even though this world is not complete and often based on a sense of lack (it may be low self-esteem, fear of survival etc.), it is known.

To know something is often mistaken with feeling safe with that, but is this association true? Can the world built on fear be safe? Can closed, limited world can be complete, total, full? Can  living in such a world bring us happiness …?

It didn’t bring me happiness, maybe it does to somebody else? I don’t know. At the moment, that thought exceeds the limits of my imagination: how does living in constant fear can bring anyone true happiness? I mean, maintaining a defensive posture, living in constant tension is unbearable!

Instead of closing up, you may want to open up, raise your curiosity, expand your horizons, think differently, look for inspiration, fire, love! Your own path, your own passion, our own voice! I got carried away again… But here comes my experience, so beware! 🙂

To summarize my reflection on the lack of desire to change some things in life … You might want to allow Life to destroy what you have built with such care, so that we can be born again, full – like a phoenix from the ashes.

The basis of our present subject were, as you can see limitations, fears and going beyond them – if you reckognized yourself in that story I recommend a Kriya for Detox and Destress, which is also part of my personal practice. Commentary on this set in Aquatrian Teacher Manual:

„Do we have a strength to reach our destination despite a snow storm? Our energy can flow in a stream, we can eat well, but if our adrenal glands fail, it is hard to endure. We get tired and quickly running out. Balanced glands, especially the adrenal glands and strong kidneys are important to having that extra vigor, to control anger and hypoglycemia. The heart can not function well without strong adrenal glands and kidneys. ” – Yogi Bhajan