Lately I’ve been reading research study on influence of Kundalini Yoga practice on health at older age – the study has shown that Kundalini Yoga practice improves Cognitive Functions (regardless of age) and delays symptoms of degenerative processes (Khalsa, 2014).

Health is an issue that requires our attention and awareness. Old age is not a pleasant subject; in our culture, we avoid thinking about retirement (at least up to a certain point in life) as the last stage before the end of life on Earth. The truth is that regardless of whether we think about it or not, the body has a certain capacity and can withstand only as much as it is able to withstand – according to individual characteristics.

Watching recently online talk show with awakened – Buddha at the Gas Pump, its host, Rick Archer, spoke with Joan Harrigan Shivarpita, which is the spiritual director of Patanjali Kundalini Yoga Center in the US and Kundalini Yoga teacher with over 30 years of experience. They talked about the carnal aspect of Awakening – Rick in his youth experimented with LSD and at one of its Tripping had such here think: „Okay, I’m stuck in this body. And suddenly I realized that if I damage the body, I’d be stuck in the damaged body” – a flash of clarity in unconscious behavior. Rick has from that moment stopped taking the drugs, he began to meditate and concentrate on expanding his consciousness, instead of changing its state.

Many people, who think they are growing spiritually, generally-consciously (and in fact live from trip to trip or from workshop to workshop) is integrity. The measure of our Awakening is not how beautiful visions we have during the meditation or ecstatic sensations of unity and feelings of connection „with ourselves” during or a few days later, but how this looks like on a daily basis, how consciously we live, how much love we have in ourselves. By love I mean respect – respect for the body, mind, emotions, our own sensibility, creativity – the whole divine potential, with which we came here. Embodying the recognition of love and respect in life is a challenge and practice.

Myself, I really like these moments of „recognition”, flashes of clarity – but do not be fooled – this is not enough. In this process body also plays a huge role. The body is a direct instrument through which we experience this reality.  The body saves our story in itself through tensions. Those tensions are unleashed emotions from past experiences that distort the perception of reality. Avoiding the release of these emotions creates fear ego structure, is responsible for the neurotic thoughts and compulsive behaviors compensating thoughts (very often leading to addictions) and other destructive patterns of behavior. In addition, having strong nervous system is crucial – and stimulating it artificially stimulants such as alcohol and drugs does not really help.

The food, we eat; the way we eat; the lifestyle, we live – all of it matters. We will gather the fruits of our actions – so it is worth verify our sowing 🙂